Job Description :
Direct End Client:State of New York
Job Title:Datastage Consultant
Duration:24 Months
Start Date:11/2/2018
Location:Albany NY, 12228
Position Type:Contract
Interview Type:In Person/Phone/Webcam
Job Type:40Hrs/Week
Requirement ID:SNY_DATA730_AV

Required Skills:

48 Data Quality analysis experience (IBM Quality Stage or comparable)
48 months IBM Data Stage or IBM Data Replicator experience
48 months Data Profiling experience
24 months IBM Data Studio experience
24 months IBM Developer for Z systems experience
48 months Cobol experience
24 months SQL coding experience
24 months Data Modeling experience
24 months Building large scale data extraction, transformation, and load experience
24 months Database Administration and data replication experience.


State of New York: Information Technology Services (ITS)

Project Name12491 (Department of Motor Vehicles) DMV Modernization

Project Description:
The agency has a series of funded, modernization initiatives aimed at modernizing the Department of Motor Vehicles systems.


The consultant selected for this position will take on a leadership role of the team on these projects and manage other consulting staff.
Expert level skills are required for the daily task of Data Quality Analysis and design of ETL, Data Integration, and BI/Analytic applications, tools, and techniques for Data Profiling.
Creation of database schemas, data transformations, loads, orchestrations, and data pipelines.
Requirements Gathering, Cobol analysis, Specifications Creation, Design Creation, Programming, Testing, Preparation of System Documentation, Use of ETL and Data Quality tools.
Collaboration with Database, Infrastructure, Business Solutions and Operations units.

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