Job Description :
??Database developer? - MySQL??
San Jose, CA
??Duration: However long it takes to finish the project?
??Work Hours: Flexible
Need mid level
Interview Process: All interview will be on-site (afternoon only), he will show candidates the database, explain the work, and they should be able to tell him how long it will take to get the work done. So basically onsultative interview.
They are onstruction company who handle several large projects in southern in northern California. They setup pop-up office on each site and are currently in San Jose working on a project for the Santlara Valley Heath Center.
The Principal, is looking for someone to clean up/fix glitches in their database so that his team and their contractors are able to upload information into the system that’s visible company wide. The team is currently unable to write/customize reports which is an essential function in their business.
The Database is Web-Based (MySQL) and needs to run on Mac’s and Windows systems (iPad’s and google Chrome as well, basically any platform Their server is housed in Fresno and allows for remote access. The candidate who is chosen will have full access.