Job Description :
Data modeling when starting a new app
Cleaning/migrating data when upgrading apps
Helping to design the data lake (project lead by Onica)
Creating feeds into the lake (ETLs)
Optimization/partitioning/archival of data
Comprehensive testing of systems to ensure data integrity
Balancing business requests against cost of storage/speed to run
Working with infrastructure to make sure databases are configured/sized correctly
Recommend solutions by defining database physical structure and functional capabilities, database security, data back-up, and recovery specifications
Setting up triggers to detect when there are problems (might need to learn how to do that on AWS),
Big picture connections between SAP, GIS, BI, Enterprise Apps, Enterprise Reporting
Some knowledge of data security would be helpful as well.
Databases we use: MySQL, MS SQL, DynamoDB, S3 (Athena and Select)
Experience with data provisioning from structured and unstructured third party data sources
Excellent problem solving skills