Job Description :
Contract Requirements:
Multiple Candidates are required for a 3-6 month data transformation effort involving
SQL Server and Cloud noSQL databases. A basic questionnaire attached should be answered to
be sent along with your most recent experience.

. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related discipline
. 5+ years of software development experience, with 2+ years of experience designing,
coding and deploying production grade application specifications.
. Eager and enthusiastic to learn about new data sources and write data flow programming
modules to connect, extract, transform and load target data warehouse is the primary
strength of this Data Engineer.
. Extensive knowledge of RDBMS (Microsoft SQL Server or similar) with hand-son
TSQL/PLSQL experience.
. Data-warehousing using Ralph Kimball approach using SSIS/SSAS or similar
Fact/Dimension modelling.
. Experience with writing or analyzing TSQL programming, ER Models, OLAP Cubes,
Data-warehousing (SSIS, SSAS) to support operational data marts.
. Understanding business reporting and dashboard analytics using Tableau, Qlikview or
other reporting technologies.
. Understand distributed filesystems such as HDFS, S3 and/or GlusterFS and distributed
file processing using Spark.
. Proven experience with NoSQL stores (one or more of Cassandra, MongoDB, Influx DB,
HBase, Elastic Search)
. Knowledge in Java, Python, Presto, Cassandra, MySQL or NoSQL or similar.
. Experience with bash shell scripts, UNIX utilities & UNIX Commands.
. Ability to analyze and understand data models to solve challenging SQL/ETL problems.
. Ability to leverage multiple tools and programming languages to analyze and manipulate
data sets from disparate data sources.
. Strong collaboration and communication skills within and across teams.
. Strong problem-solving skills and critical thinking ability.