Job Description :
Work involves building data models that describe data and its relationship in a consistent way to support business and technical objectives and maintaining data assets and logical models for database systems, data warehouses, and data analytics.
Develop and maintain enterprise and system/application-level conceptual, logical, and physical data models and dictionaries
Support the development of integrated data models and artifacts identifying as-is, planned, and to-be mission data and supporting metadata
Employ data modeling tools and associated graphical methods to depict and analyze current and proposed conceptual, logical, and physical data schema
Creates reusable error-free DDL scripts for the promotion of structural changes to multiple RDBMSs (SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Sybase) and environments (development, test, production)
Designs and develops data mapping and transformation scripts to support data warehouse development and data analytics efforts.
Designs and develops extract, transform and load (ETL) logic and code in support of data warehouse and analytics operations and maintains related data pipelines.
Coordinates and approves corresponding database changes to support new and modified applications, and ensures new designs conform to data standards and guidelines; are
consistent, normalized, and perform as required; and are secure from unauthorized access or update.
Reviews measures to chart progress related to the completeness and quality of metadata for enterprise information; to support reduction of data redundancy and fragmentation and
elimination of unnecessary movement of data; and to improve data quality.
Performs data analysis using SQL queries
Assists In selection of data management tools and develops standards, usage guidelines and procedures for those tools.
Performs related work as assigned.