Job Description :
Database Administrator (Mid-Level)

Semper Fortis Solutions, LLC (SFS) is looking for an experienced Database Administration (DBA) with skills to support Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) administration, structured query language (SQL), data structure design (databases, tables, fields etc including Data Warehouse activities for integration and implementation activities for its customers and its own internal requirements. SFS is a small business which specializes in solving challenging problems in the information security, enterprise engineering, identity management, encryption management, isolated computing, analytics and cyber security business areas for government and commercial clients using our Agile service delivery methodology.

Position Description

This position is for a hands-on DBA with strong RDBMS skills. The DBA is responsible supporting SFS’s Database development and Data Warehouse team. The DBA will directly support SFS’s Lead Data Architect, ETL Developer and Business Analyst and will be responsible for assisting with developing, maintaining and managing customer Databases and Data Warehouses. The DBA will use Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres or other RDBMS tools and technologies to perform capacity planning, software installation, configuration, database design, data migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting and backup and recovery.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

* Strong knowledge of ANSI Structured Query Language (SQL)

* Experience with stored procedures

* Overall DBMS access control, groups and security roles

* General database administration and management

* Data modeling and database design

* Metadata management and repository usage and stats tracking

* Management of logs

* Database schema creation, maintenance and management

* Capacity planning, scaling and availability

* SQL code reviews with developers

* Active testing of backup and recovery


Strong experience using database administration tools for MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Postgres/PostGIS. Experience with BI tools such as Business Objects, Tableau, Cognos. Experience with Extract Transform Load (ETL) environments such as SiSENSE, Stream Set, Talend, Apache NiFi. Required strong experience with MS SQL Server 2012 or later, Azure, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or later.


* 5 to 7 years of experience as a DBA with MS SQL Server and other RDBMS systems.

* Experience building large scale RDBMS systems for enterprise data.

* Cloud experience with Azure.

* Strong understanding of SQL and an ability to write SQL statements and assist developers in SQL development.

* Comfortable working in MS Windows Server based system.

Other Desired Skills:

* Industry standard technical certifications in MS SQL Server and MS Windows

* Knowledge and experience of building Data Warehouses and Data Marts

* Experience with securing an RDBMS environment using encryption

* Understanding of Linux based database support

Client : Confidential