Job Description :
The Database Administrator (DBA) is largely responsible for providing operational database services. The DBA is responsible for the performance, integrity, scalability, resiliency, and security of our Postgres and MySQL databases. The DBA must ensure that our data remains consistent across the database; data is clearly defined; users can access data concurrently; there is a provision for data security and recovery control. The DBA is also responsible for effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of database hardware and software and related infrastructure. This individual participates in technical research and development to enable continuing innovation within the infrastructure. This individual ensures that system hardware, operating systems, software systems, and related procedures adhere to organizational values and guidelines.

Reports to: Reports directly to the Director of IT Infrastructure.

? Establish the needs of users and monitoring user access and security.
? Monitor performance and manage parameters to provide fast query responses to front-end users.
? Maintain database performance by calculating optimum values for database parameters; implement new releases; complete maintenance requirements; evaluate computer operating systems and hardware products.
? Map out the conceptual design for a planned database in outline.
? Consider both back-end organization of data and front-end accessibility for end-users.
? Refine the logical design so that it can be translated into a specific data model.
? Further refine the physical design to meet system storage requirements.
? Install and test new versions of the DBMS.
? Maintain data standards, including adherence to the Data Protection Act.
? Write database documentation, including data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary (metadata
? Control access permissions and privileges.
? Develop, manage and test back-up and recovery plans.
? Ensure that storage, archiving, back-up and recovery procedures are functioning correctly.
? Capacity planning.
? Work closely with IT project managers, reporting analysts, programmers and system administrators.
? Communicate regularly with technical, applications and operational staff to ensure database integrity and security.
? Develop and maintain installation and configuration procedures.
? Contribute to and maintain database standards.
? Research and recommend innovative, and where possible automated approaches for database administration tasks.
? Identify approaches that leverage our resources and provide economies of scale.
? Perform regular security monitoring to identify any possible intrusions.
? Perform regular file archival and purge as necessary.
? Create, change, and delete user accounts per request.
? Repair and recover from hardware or software failures. Coordinate and communicate with impacted constituencies.
? Maintain operational, configuration, or other procedures.
? Perform periodic performance reporting to support capacity planning.
? Design and implement clustering and replication procedures.
? Virtualize database.

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelors Degree preferred or equivalent experience.
Minimum 5 years proven experience in database administration.
Minimum 3 years proven experience in Postgresadministration.
Minimum 2 years proven experience in MySQL administration.
Minimum 2 years proven experience in software management, patch management, system administration, and capacity planning.
Problem solving ability is critical.
Proficient written and verbal skills.
A reliable and highly motivated self-starter with the ability to work independently or as a part of a collaborative team.
Excellent time management and organizational skills with extreme attention to detail under set deadlines.
Ability to plan and design projects with either very minimal or very specific direction.
Ability to work with constructive criticism and flexibility, and willing to incorporate suggestions and feedback.

Knowledge & Skills Required:
Ability to read, analyze and interpret State and Federal laws, rules and regulations.
Ability to work well both independently and with others.
Strong interpersonal skills.
Excellent written and oral communication.
Ability to maintain confidentiality.
Ability to manage multiple projects and tasks.
Operate standard office equipment including, but not limited to, computer, fax machine, and copier.
Demonstrated proficiency with software and systems required.
Superior organizational, analytical, and problem solving skills required.