Job Description :

DataStage Admin that will work under IT Director. The Business Analyst role within Dealer Financial Service (DFS) Information Analytics and Reporting Services (IARS) is the central point of contact between business customers and Information Technology''s application development teams for enhancing applications. The Business Analyst designs and documents workflows, develops, tracks, and analyzes business requirements, and makes recommendations that positively impacts the solution. The Business Analyst is accountable for a full range of activities ensuring overall program effectiveness and excellence.

DataStage architecture, development and support experience


· Engages directly with business customers, project stakeholders, and application development teams to understand project objectives, requirements, and approaches.

· Works with key project stakeholders to understand and validate high level requirements, refine scope, develop and document detailed requirements for application development teams.

· Translates technical issues, breaking down technical and architectural complexities for project stakeholders, explaining developer activities, uses analysis models such as reviews and walkthroughs

· Assists in validation of technical deliverables for completeness, accuracy, and quality

· Analyzes technical requirements, verifies implementation and alignment to business requirements

· Collaborates with development team to analyze ''what if'' scenarios and impacts to upstream systems

· Aids in writing test plans, testing approaches, and user acceptance test (UAT) cases, liaisons between project team and testing team during UAT.

· Develops and executes training plans for business customers and technology teams Identifies project issues and risks Focuses on usability, performance, security, portability, and service levels.

· Guides project activity from concept through implementation.

· Connects with all team members to provide support when needed ensuring quality and success of initiativesProvides on-call support for daily batch cycles on a monthly rotation (one month out of three), support daily balancing of daily batch cycles on a weekly rotation (one week out of three), and perform month-end and quarter-end reconciliation activities as required. On-call support of the daily and month-end/quarter-end activities may require work to be done outside of normal working hours or on weekends, which is typically but not always scheduled in advance.


· Strong oral and written communication skills ensuring effective communication and requirements documentation between business customers and technical teams.

· Significant experience with interviewing, listening, facilitating, eliciting, and communicating with stakeholder groups in obtaining essential requirements information, including when there is hesitancy to discuss challenging topics.

· Experience working with large data sets, able to write and execute SQL queries to extract, review, and present data to business units Interpersonal skills facilitating successful requirement workshops, brokering negotiation when necessary.

· Creative thinking, pushing beyond boundaries of existing practices and mindsets Analytical mindset, differentiating ''needs'' from ''wants'', deriving necessary and implicit requirements

· Organized, successful managing a wide array of information, detail-oriented producing accurate deliverables Uses visual modeling for requirements and processes so common understanding is confirmed

· Experience with both packaged software and custom developed software.

· Understanding of multiple software development methodologies (Agile, Iterative, Waterfall) and corresponding requirements and management practices that support them Self-motivated, independent team member.

· Equivalency of bachelor''s degree in a related field (information systems, computer science, business) 5 to 7 years of experience in business analyst or other related business/information systems functions.

· Experience and knowledge of data warehouse, information management, reporting analytics applications, and application/business domain knowledge.