Job Description :
Title: DataStage Developer _ Remote Job
Location: Tampa, FL or Kansas City, MO
Duration : Long Term Contract

Job Description:
1. Data Stage:
Should have dome multiple implementation
Should have worked on large data sets (20+, 100+ etc million ranges)
Should know basic transformations
Should have worked on reading and Parsing Files, DQ and Std type of code
Should have loaded data to Oracle (preferred) or DB … some optimization techniques
Should be a self-learning
Should be able to understand others code and modify them
Additional advantage (not mandatory) if the person has worked on Web Services call from Data and have handled complex file structure like HL7 / EDI datatypes for health care
2. Unix (scale 1-10 ……> 6)
Ability to navigate unix
Ability to find files etc
Ability to isolate bad records in a file
Look for some records in a file
Basic commands, cut , grep , grep -I…. grep -v … find, mv , cp, some basic awk, sed replace, cmp, some basic cron example etc…. should have idea,
Basic Shell Scripting knowledge … Archival of Files , Send Notification etc.
3. SQL (Scale 1-10……>5)
Can write basic SQL, Joins, Group By, Ranks
Understand some optimization (Oracle ) for loading data , Indexes, partitions etc