Job Description :
Mandatory Skills :

Technical Skills. Solid technical skills are the basis for any data science work. We expect high proficiency with standard coding languages such as SAS, Python, R and C++; familiarity with unix-based systems, parallel computing, cloud-computing as well as big data platforms.
Analytical skills. We expect exceptionally well-developed analytical skills as gained over the course in a highly quantitative field such as computer science, theoretical physics, mathematics or similar. The candidate needs to have established a well-rounded academic profile demonstrating mastery over a broad range of analytical skills. Furthermore, they need to have very strong scientific problem-solving skills in order to find approaches for problems that nobody solved before and think out of the box.
Business Skills. To thrive in a corporate environment business skills are a key enabling factor. The candidate need to be able to understand business problems quickly. They need to be able to communicate in a business language when required and engage with business users on eye-level. The candidate will also
have well developed change management skills that effectively enable them to manage different business stakeholders over the course of a project.
Further Requirements:
Passion for science and scientific problem-solving paired with a strong appetite for solving challenging business questions
Demonstrated strong business, analytical and technical expertise.
Strong track record of successful data science projects
3+ years of experience manipulating (large) datasets and using databases
2-5 years’ experience with a general-purpose programming language (such as SAS, R, Python, Hadoop MapReduce or other big data frameworks, Java
Experience in the use of statistical packages and machine learning libraries
Demonstrable ability to quickly understand new analytical and mathematical concepts and to come out with original solutions to mathematical issues.
Good interpersonal skills.
Excellent written and communications skills to report back the findings in a clear, structured manner are required.
Knowledge of one or more business/functional areas.
Business competencies: Change management, conceptual thinking, innovation, problem solving, team work, pro-activity