Job Description :
Job Title : Data center Engineer / Manager
Location : Norwood , MA
Duration : Long term

Data center engineer performs various important functions to keep the center running smoothly.

Below is a job description example that details the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the role in most organizations:

Monitor, diagnose, and resolve complex network and computer system issues
Manage and administer servers, networks, and applications such as DNS, FTP, and Web
Maintain internal network structure of a data center by managing routers and keeping them running
Install, configure, and maintain switches, servers, firewalls, and hard drives
Troubleshoot network systems to identify and fix performance issues
Provide solutions to complex problems on the integration of various technologies
Design plans as well as lead initiatives for the optimization and restructuring of network architecture
Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of network administration and firmware integration
Monitor the environmental conditions of a data center to ensure they are optimum for servers, routers, and other devices
Perform system repairs and update software/operating systems
Calibrate and monitor data center servers to ensure efficient performance
Collaborate with IT handlers, sales, and data center managers to develop action plan for improved operations
Conduct inspections on power and cooling systems to ensure they are operational and efficient
Organize the floor space that harbor data center equipment to allow for easy accessibility
Resolve operational, infrastructure or hardware incidents in a data center.