Job Description :
Data and Metrics Analyst
Mountain view CA
Client : Accenture
Rate : $30/hr

Primary skill: SQL (Structured Query Language) and Process Industrialization

Skills Required:
2-3 years’ experience in SQL, dashboard reporting, or automation
2-3 years’ experience in metrics analysis
1-2 years’ experience in operational excellence initiatives

The Automation and Metrics SME will be part of the Localization (L10N) Incubation team, working with the Incubation Process Expert to prioritize, incubate, and transition vendorizable L10N workflows. You will use established escalation methodology to ensure all vendorized workflows meet 80% of the incubation readiness checklist. You should also have a background in SQL or automation, to help in automating identified processes, preparing dashboards, etc

send profiles at
joe at ilinesot dot com