Job Description :
Data Centric testers (SQL/ETL/DWH skillsets Here is the key skillset ask for that role:

1. SQL – should be able write complex SQL queries; use functions; needs no help/mentoring. Should be capable of the below:

a. All type of joins

b. With clause, inline queries, sub-queries, materialized views, views

c. Scenario based SQL script creation

d. Merging of test cases into one – handling large test data set

e. Ability to use XLS for comparison

f. Usage of analytical & aggregate functions has Higher weightage

g. Performance tuning on queries, query optimizations

2. DWH – should have a good conceptual understanding; hands-on experience if available will be ideal; Testing point of view; type-2 dimensions

3. ETL – should have a good understanding

4. QA experience of at least 1-2 years in DCT (ideal case)