Job Description :
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Data Scientist
Location : Minneapolis, MN
Rate : $DOE/hr

1. 7+ Years of experience in AWS and 3 + Years of experience in deploying (scoring) using either manual scoring, API-based, batch/distributed methods or scoring code.
2. 3+ Years of experience with DataRobot and AWS, AWS S3.
3. 7+ Years in data science.
4. Kaggle grandmaster, former top 10, or current top 100 if not then regular Kaggle competition participant or finishers.
5. 3+ years of working experience in any data science platforms – Data Robot or Dataiku or or IBM Data Science Experience or SAS Vya.
6. 7+ years of engineering experience with Object oriented programming in Python, R- Studio and/or Scala is a must have.
7. 7+ Years of experience in building the Custom Data Pipelines in Python and Scala that Clean, Transform and Aggregate data from many different sources
8. Expert level working experience of at least 5 + years with
i. Spark and related big data technologies such as: MapReduce, Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Elastic Search
ii. Data Structures and Data Processing Algorithms and Frameworks
iii Data Migration, high throughput Data Pipelines
iv Massively Parallel Processing using Python Tools
v. Big data modelling and ETL Processes
vi Ability to analyze Performance Issues in Big Data Environment
vii. Data Modelling, Data Transfer and Storage, Partitioning, Indexing and caching Techniques
viii. Analytical views and data visualization
ix. RDBMS, In-Memory, NoSQL, Columnar and Document Storage Systems
x. Batch Processing with Petabyte Scale data sets
xi. Communication and Collaboration