Job Description :
New requirement to be posted in high priority

Location : Detroit, MI


Data Scientist role - 2 positions

Apply machine leaning, deep learning and digital signal processing techniques to design and develop feature extraction and data collection algorithms
Develop algorithms that collect continuous data by reducing the incoming sensor data streams
Experience in signal processing, time series analysis, geospatial analysis and natural language processing
Streamline the assessment of algorithm performance from an end-to-end system perspective
Identify and mitigate quality issues in data sourced from sensors and other vehicle systems
Prefer experience in telematics, vehicle instrumentation or automotive business domain
Experience with Python, Scala or Pyspark high-level programming language
Experience analyzing large structured and unstructured data sets with Python, using big data stores and frameworks (Cassandra, MongoDB, Spark, Hadoop, etc
Effectively communicate the algorithm performance and plans for algorithm enhancements to internal technical and non-technical stakeholders

Prefer experience with deep learning libraries (TensorFlow, Theano, Torch, etc