Job Description :
The idea candidate possesses the following qualifications.
Advanced SQL skills and is comfortable operating with relational data models and structure.
Advanced skills with NoSQL databases and can interact with large amounts of data stored in a Hadoop environment.
Is capable of accessing data via a variety of API/RESTful services.
Advanced programming skills in either R, Python, or similar analytical language
Intermediate knowledge of Linux and Bash. Can interact with the OS at the command line and create shell scripts to automate workflows.
Experience with state of the art techniques such as AI and Deep Learning.
Advanced knowledge of Apache Spark.
Intermediate knowledge of cloud environments such as AWS and Azure.
Intermediate understanding of software development and collaboration, including experience with tools such as Git.
Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, comfortable presenting in front of large audiences.
A basic understanding of Agile methodologies and continuous delivery.
Excellent data visualization skills, is able to determine the appropriate visualization for a variety of data types and create compelling stories with data.
An advanced understanding of supervised and unsupervised learning techniques including; variable selection, feature engineering, model generation, model diagnostics, and deployment.
Excellent statistical skills that are grounded in a thorough understanding of testing and frequentist/Bayesian methodologies.
A proven track record of leading successful projects and driving measurable, viable results using Data Science techniques.