Job Description :
Data Scientist (BIG DATA)
Plano, TX
Phone and Skype
6+ months
NEED Strong qualified candidates

Looking for:
Resources: 4
Term: at least 6 months
Local to Plano is required / Must be in Plano working on site
Skills: Big Data Engineers:
Requirements Need to know Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Pyspark, Scala, Java
Start timing: Mid Dec. 4 weeks from now, could potentially push to Jan 1st
Overall Purpose: A data scientist spends long hours collecting and analyzing data to spot trends and help a company face the challenges of an evolving customer base and changing marketplace.
Identifies unique opportunities to collect new data.
Designs new processes and builds large, complex data sets.
Strategizes new uses for data and its interaction with data design.
Locates new data sources, analyzes statistics and implements quality procedures.
Performs data studies of new and diverse data sources.
Finds new uses for existing data sources.
Conducts statistical modeling and experiment design.
Discovers “stories” told by the data and presents them to other scientists and business managers.
Tests and validates predictive models.
Builds web prototypes and performs data visualization.
Conducts scalable data research on and off the cloud.
Implements automated processes for efficiently producing scale models.
Designs, modifies and builds new data processes.
Generates algorithms and creates computer models.
Collaborates with database engineers and other scientists.
Implements new or enhanced software designed to access and handle data more efficiently.
Trains the data management team on new or updated procedures.

Good Understanding of basic concepts of Statistics.
Working Experience of Common Data Mining and Machine Learning Algorithms and knowledge of when to use different Techniques.
Ability to Clean and Analyze Large data sets using SQL, Hive/PIG or other Big Data Tools.
In depth knowledge of R and/or Python
Ability to Implement Machine Learning Models , Interpret the Results and Communicate them effectively to Business.
Analytical Problem Solving Skills.