Job Description :
Role: Data Scientist

Location: Auburn Hills ,MI

Duration: Long Term

1. Purpose and Need

FCA IT Vehicle Safety Strategy supports data advanced analytics deliverables
for our business partners. Data Scientist resources are required to support
these initiatives within the Safety organization.

2. Subject Matter Expertise:

Data scientists use their data and analytical ability to find and interpret
rich data sources; manage large amounts of data; merge/transform data
sources; ensure consistency of datasets; create visualizations to aid in
understanding data; build mathematical models using the data; and present
and communicate the data insights/findings.

3. Anticipated Skillsets

- University degree in computer science, Bayesian statistics, or
related technical fields
- Agile Development experience
- Development Technologies: Python, R, SQL, Spark, Pandas, Scikit
- Experience with Time Series, forecasting, machine learning, and deep
learning libraries in Python is highly desirable
- Intellectual curiosity - eagerness to learn new things
- High ability to "data munge"
- Experience with unstructured data
- Understanding of version control - GitHub
- Ability to effectively visualize and communicate analysis results

4. Timeline

- 2 senior level Data Scientists