Job Description :
Would prefer locals to Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding area if possible. Columbus, Ohio if willing to relocate.

Software Engineer
- 2-3 Years Experience
- Looking for Full Stack experience
- Hard Skills Requirement
- Python (required)
- Javascript (required)
- AngularJS (somewhat required/nice to have)
- ReduxJS (nice to have)
- AWS experience (somewhat required/needs to learn)
- Docker (required)
- Elasticsearch (somewhat Required/needs to learn)
- Git (required)
- Salt Stack (nice to have/needs to learn)
- Configuration Management Experience (nice to have)
- Soft Skills
- Demonstrated ability to work in a large scale code base.
- Demonstrated debugging and reasoning skills.
- Demonstrated communications skills (interacting with FSRs on issues
- Demonstrated understanding of general code architecture.
- Demonstrated ability to learn
- Self-starter