Job Description :
1. Provides design recommendations based on long-term IT organization strategy.
2. Develops enterprise level application and custom integration solutions including major enhancements and interfaces, functions and features. Uses a variety of platforms to provide automated systems applications to customers.
3. Provides expertise regarding the integration of applications across the business.
4. Determines specifications, then plans, designs, and develops the most complex and business critical software solutions, utilizing appropriate software engineering processes – either individually or in concert with a project team. Will assist in the most difficult support problems.
5. Develops programming and development standards and procedures as well as programming architectures for code reuse. Has in-depth knowledge of state-of-the art programming languages and object-oriented approach in designing, coding, testing and debugging programs.
6. Understands and consistently applies the attributes and processes of current application development methodologies.
7. Researches and maintains knowledge in emerging technologies and possible application to the business.
8. Viewed both internally and externally as a technical expert and critical technical resource across multiple disciplines. Acts as an internal consultant, advocate, mentor and change agent.

1. A Bachelor''s Degree from an accredited college or university with a major in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business, or other related scientific or technical discipline. A Master''s Degree is preferred.

General Experience:
1. At least 8 years of experience in developing cloud based multi user application with expertise in designing, building, testing and implementing IT application.
2. Must have a strong background in software engineering principles and techniques.

ETL (Six positions)
1. Provides technical direction in the maintenance and development of the extract, transform and load (ETL) aspects data platform.
2. Maintains an understanding of the inputs received from the data source providers.
3. Performs analysis, design, development, and implementation of new ETL requirements.
4. Recommends changes to enhance the data platform cleansing and conversion processes.
5. Supports testing and validation of the new data conversion processes.
6. Responsible for planning and monitoring schedule milestones and deliverables for assignments.
7. Possesses strong SDLC experience and manages appropriate levels of systems documentation as required.
8. Specialized Experience using Informatica BDM (Big Data Management) suite of products.

Client : Direct