Job Description :
Job Title - Data Developers

Work Location – Richardson TX

Data Developers - Python, Relational Databases (complex and varied data structures), Messaging Systems, HTTP APIs, Data Formats (JSON, CSV, XML), AWS Environment, Unix System, Containerization (Docker), Kafka, Apache AVRO, GOLang, SSIS, Software CI/CD, Software Testing, Java

- While back-end app developers and integration/microservices developers can utilize most of the same tools, I’m looking for someone who has been faced with experiences of having to use these tools for the purpose of aggregating many different data sources and so experiences on projects that have done this and those that leverage messaging tools out of necessity help with seeing this experience.

- looking for someone with more experience trying to do what we are doing, which includes a greenfield development in AWS that aggregates from many different data sources and requires a robust messaging framework to do so.