Job Description :
(1) Data Subject Matter Expert on source system data [esp Guidewire PolicyCenter, ClaimsCenter, and BillingCenter]
(2) Perform data mappings, design business logic, business rules, & calculations for metrics that will be created by Data Engineers using Spark, Scala, R, Python, and/or Java
(3) Design logic to curate, harmonize, cleanse, transform, and standardize data from a raw format to create unified data sets for analysis and consumption, including the creation of standardized end-user KPIs, from a variety of sources
(4) Business Unit Support: First line of support to perform deep research on any data related questions from business. Provide responses to business on any questions related to data available. Provide support to business community in building extracts.
(5) Contribute to the maturation of Data Designing practices, including training to others
(6) Create documentation around information / data flows and data lineage

Client : Insurance Background