Job Description :
Design the application services data center architecture for a major application migration project for a large manufacturing company to plan the transfer of applications from a legacy data center into a cutting edge technology data center.
Provide architecture strategy for a hybrid cloud environment.
Provide front line representation of the project to C-level executives.
Analyze application portfolio to create application migration groups.
Direct onshore and offshore teams to perform analysis, remediation, and application migration activities.
Design the migration factory. Individual selected will be able to clearly demonstrate their acquired knowledge of data center architecture, data center operations and data center transformations to an expert level.
Data Center Migration Architect Mandatory Skills
Experience developing data center migration strategy and key components of a data center migration
Experience designing and leading the transformation of large scale data center is required
Experienced working with C-level executives on project status, project vision, strategic direction and industry best practices
Experience with Pivotal and VMware solutions
Experience managing 10+ member teams, define KPIs for the project activities, and measure the teams progress against defined KPIs
Understanding of how to develop a service framework
Ability to provide expert strategic advice for cloud application development, cloud application deployment, designing a private cloud infrastructure, private versus public cloud options, virtualization, containerization, and DevOps
Ability to discover application characteristics of mainframe, midrange, and Wintel applications that will help define migration groups
Experience assessing applications and application architecture
Prepare a technical and architecture plan

Client : confidential