Job Description :
Job Description -
. Analyze functional and non-functional business requirements and translate into technical data requirements and create or update existing logical and physical data models.
> . Create data models (logical) and DB designs (physical), using the USPTO approved Enterprise Data Modeling tool, that depict the business areas and systems in the USPTO to ensure the integrity of the business data is being maintained; incorporate applicable standard data elements (SDEs); ensure solutions are accessing the system of record for shared or enterprise data; and ensure adherence to technical DB design standards in accordance with the approved USPTO Data Modeling and DB Design Standard.
> . Refine existing data models of the USPTO''s business areas and systems.
> . Facilitate data modeling sessions, ranging from information gathering to model validation.
> . Create the data architecture sections of the System Design Document (SDD) for development efforts.
> . Provide requirements analysis support to development teams and educate project and development teams on the proper usage of the data structures.
> . Analyze data access and modification requirements to ensure efficient data retrieval/ ingestion and optimal DB design.
> . Perform DB design, review DB design from development team, and generate initial Data Definition Language (DDL), as needed.
> . Design and develop a data migration strategy and source to target mapping to migrate the data out of the legacy systems into the relational DB.
> . Provide optimal design for structured and non-structured data using SQL and NoSQL databases.
> . Enhance DB performance from physical DB design perspective, such as creating indexes, defining constraints, linking tables, and partitioning tables.
> . Provide technical advice and prepare technical documentation on data architecture related trends, issues, and tools and provide input into the agency-wide data architecture standards.
> Skills & Requirements
> . Data modeling, including reverse and forward engineering.
> . DB Design: Relational DB Management System, NoSQL Database along with Data Warehouse, and Data Mart.
> . Data Modeling Tools: Some experience with a data modeling tool is required; IBM InfoSphere Data Architect is USPTO''s current data modeling tool, but moving to Embarcadero''s E/R Studio.
> . Oracle, Cassandra, XML, JSON, SOLR.
> . Ability to analyze data sources.
> . SQL, PL/SQL, CQL, XQuery, XPath.
> . Microsoft (MS) Office Suite (Word, Excel, Visio, etc
> Desired Skills:
> . Java based technology Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tools: Hibernate, iBATIS, and Java Persistence API (JPA
> . Experience with PEGA Systems Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) to support Workflow, Case Management, and Rule''s Engine.
> . TOAD for MySQL and Oracle.
> . MongoDB