Job Description :
Data Architect

Duration: 6+ months
Rate: ALAP
Location Atlanta, GA

Last Date : 10/10/2017

Position Title: Data Architect

The position will be responsible for working with the Exchange Network grant to implement the surface water tracking system (ATTAINS) data exchange and update an existing water quality data exchange. In order to achieve the data exchanges, this position will be responsible for developing, testing, and implementing the migration of data from the source systems to defined staging tables through various database objects and ETL routines in a SQL Server environment.

The candidate can be expected to perform the following (but not limited to):
Update and integrate internal databases via an Exchange Network data flow with federal databases
o Implement newly redesigned national data exchange flow configuration for required reporting of surface water assessment (ATTAINS) results
o Update the Water Quality Exchange (WQX) schema to utilize the most recent version that supports raw data flows
Utilize the account of the Virtual Exchange Service Administrator (VESA) web portal to deliver the staged data to the federal databases. This will require coordination with the EPA managed VESA administrators and support staff.
o Test and troubleshoot web services that instantaneously link to datasets to promote transparency and customer service support

The role includes writing high-level SQL queries, writing scripts for computer automation, documenting decisions, quality assurance/control, IT infrastructure integration, and data management support.

The position will be instrumental in maintaining effective communication and coordination among project team members and external partners, including participation in coordination, tracking, and reporting.

Percent of time performing various duties:

40% - Assist in designing data flow procedures between and external systems.Format and validate data, prepare databases, evaluate flows (quality assurance/quality control; QA/QC), and document procedures. Collaborate with technical programming staff to automate processes or fulfill other programming needs.

40% - Help prepare various raw datasets for upload to databases, assist in QA/QC process, and generate automated reports based upon the data. Manage and display data or results in various spatial viewers and web pages.

20% - Project coordination: Set up and facilitate meetings among technical and program staff to document progress towards project goals. Assist with data and progress reports for submittal

Knowledge Required:
This role requires knowledge of new technologies including web services, map services, Exchange Network protocols, and object-relational database management systems. Ideal candidate will have the ability to work independently with little supervision, as well as with an integrated team. Excellent skills in problem-solving, collaboration, and communication including speaking, writing, and listening are needed.

Candidate should possess superior organization skills and attention to detail. Proficiency is needed in Microsoft Office, especially Access and Excel. Experience processing and maintaining large volumes of data, stored procedures, and functions is a must.

An ideal candidate has some combination of education or experience among the following: Data systems design, analysis, development, documentation, testing, debugging, and deployment.