Job Description :
Position: Data Architect

Location: Alpharetta, GA

Contract Duration: 12+ Months

Interview Process: Phone and Skype


knowledge of NoSQL technologies (document, key value, columnar etc) - MongoDb, CouchDB, Cassandra, Redis, etc

relational databases and ER modeling

understanding of data replication, consistency, resilience in a distributed setup

CAP theorem

eventual consistency and implications for data modeling

polyglot persistence concepts

new SQL technologies - Google Spanner, Clustrix, GemFire, etc.

data and event streaming - Apache Storm, Apache Samza, etc

data analytics concepts and tools - Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc

machine learning techniques

data versioning and version enabled data stores

bi-temporal data concepts and modeling

flexible data models (EAV etc)

in memory databases, emory grids and caching techniques - Apache Ignite, Apache Geode, Hazelcast etc

Client : ADP