Job Description :
Subject Matter Expert Must have seven (7) years of experience in the IT field.

Specialized Experience:
At least five (5) years of experience relating to selection, implementation, enhancement, support, and/or governance of BI / PHI systems that produce actionable insight from health-related data or can demonstrate five (5) years’ experience of similar experience of size and like scope.
b) Demonstrated experience and comfort with BI / PHI technical development and skills. (Note: This is not for a technical-development role. It is for a strategy-and-planning role. But demonstrable technical-development skills in the BI / PHI domain are necessary
Demonstrated experience at engaging with understanding and facilitate decisions relating to BI / PHI systems.
Demonstrated ability to work across multiple organizations.
Demonstrated excellence at preparing written documents and presentations
Demonstrated four (4) years or more of experience in leadership of BI / PHI systems, for example as a Director of Analytics, Data Quality Lead, Senior PHI Analyst, etc.
Demonstrated experience with two or more procurements and implementations relating to BI / PHI systems.
Demonstrated experience in some or all of the following areas:
Strategies for achieving effective data acquisition, interchange, management, quality, storage, and insight to address population health needs, with special emphasis on defining standards, enabling interchange, and delivering insight.
Applicable laws, statues, and policies regarding health information including security, privacy, and management of confidential data.
Applicable healthcare and public health standards, message formats, and transport mechanisms.
Statistical analysis and business analysis.
Business operations, methods, and practices.
Database and data warehouse development, use, and management.
Data collection and use methodologies, including survey research, registry operations, usability studies, focus groups, and interview data collection and analysis
Data interchange methodologies and technologies.