Job Description :
Position: Data Analyst

Location: Houston, Texas

1. Ingest the operational data from multiple sources into a development environment.

2. Pre-process the data and normalize for analytic development.

3. Generate insightful descriptive analytics dashboards for high level decision and planning.

4. Critical data analysis for different data types, structured and unstructured, engineering, operational and commercial data.

5. Derive the correlations between the operational and engineering factors which are effecting the operational performance using automated analytic tools and justify with data science and engineering data.

6. Develop predictive models based on the standard AI and ML techniques, for predicting the operational performance for different lifecycle activities.

7. Validate the prediction models and demonstrate the performance of the models through simulation.


1. Master Degree in Engineering / Science

2. 5 + years of work experience on data science related projects.

3. Experience working on projects using AI/ ML techniques under Classification, Regression and Clustering.

4. Experience working on NLP techniques in predicting operations scenarios.

5. Expertise to deal with large data using SQL , EXCEL and Hadoop databases.

6. Expertise in Python, R, Statistica, Matlab.

7. Programming capabilities in Java, Python

8. Good Verbal and Written communication skills.

9. Experience with Azure or AWS Analytics would be advantage