Job Description :
Data Analyst for State of Colorado
Location: Denver Colorado
Duration: 12 Months

Work closely with the state''s Chief Data Officer (CDO) and data analyst from the CO Department of Public Safety (DPS) to facilitate sharing, transfer, storage and public accessibility of data related to Marijuana legalization in Colorado.
The primary objectives of this project are to expedite the exchange of data from various departments to DPS for use by the analyst within that department and design and structure a repository of data as well as structuring a potential data analytics and visualization engine for the data.
This position will also evaluate existing systems and databases for improving the ability to capture and manage marijuana-related data within various programs in the state. This position will also promote and optimize publishing of marijuana-related data to Colorado''s open data portal for public access to these marijuana data.
The data exchange and integration will utilize OIT''s deployment of enterprise service bus technologies, and will therefore be based on reusable APIs as much as possible.

This position will do the following tasks:
Identify potential gaps in storage of marijuana data within existing systems and databases and how these systems may be improved to store and manage marijuana specific data. This investigation will start with systems identified by the CDO and CDPS data analyst.
Describe necessary enhancements to these systems and design enhancements with OIT''s system engineers and application developers.
Working with state agencies, design and develop work flows for data identified for marijuana analysis by the CDPS data analysis. Work flows will include APIs, transfers, transformations and ingestion into a marijuana data warehouse.
Design and implement marijuana data warehouse based on relational database technologies or other state of the art storage platforms.
Design and develop APIs based on our Mulesoft ESB platform for these data.
Define and document necessary governance for these data.
Evaluate and suggest data visualization and analytics engine for producing dashboards and other visualizations.
Define workflows and APIs to publish data to be made public to the state''s open data portal.
Required Skills:
Data Analysis
Enterprise Data Architect

Client : State of Colorado