Job Description :
Data Analyst


6 mo C

Reporting Analyst - STAT (Store Trending and Analysis Team)

Role Summary:

The purpose of the Reporting Analyst role is to provide the metrics,
reports, dashboards and business intelligence to support operational
dashboards and reports and other ad hoc reporting related to Gap, Inc.
stores, in addition to having mastery of all the current and new
information data acquisition and reporting capabilities. Metrics,
reporting, trending and analysis will be primarily focused on stores
incidents and technology performance, device management and in-store
applications. The Reporting Analyst should be cross trained in order to
provide backup for senior analysts on the team. The role requires the
capability and flexibility to use all skills necessary to create reports
needed by the business on an ad hoc basis. The Reporting Analyst should
also be knowledgeable about the new tools available for data acquisition,
reports development, as well as trending and analytics. They will need to
know the tools and methods to transform data in our systems into meaningful
reports in order to support the information needs of the business. The role
must become the expert in understanding the reporting objectives, data
questions, and reporting problems.
Develop reports and analysis to identify trends impacting operations and
to eliminate/mitigate high impacting technical or procedural issues
Develop and publish KPIs, metrics, dashboards and business intelligence
based on the needs of the business, including ad-hoc for device
usage/availability, service and support trending, repair analysis, store
technology performance
Obtain and build reports and dashboards from various data sources within
the business and it s vendors, which includes, ServiceNow, AirWatch,
Splunk, iTrac
Work with STAT (Stores Trending and Analysis Team) lead to
standardize/automate reports and dashboards
Stay current and learn reporting tools to provide the Stores Technology
team with the best available reporting
Develop/publish reports and dashboards in an executive format, ensuring
flawless data quality and standards
Cross train on the reporting that is conducted by the STAT lead and Store
Support leads and stay current with business activities and day-today
operational activities which impact reporting and analysis
Work with the STAT lead and Store Technology teams to know where the data
resides, the best tools to access the data and build reporting
Maintain and store data definitions for the various reports and
dashboards and assist with maintaining and developing data definitions
Provide on-going support for the business partners in relation to
existing reports/dashboards with respect to their definitions and
Participate in the investigation and resolution of data related problems
impacting reporting/analysis, stemming from the availability of the data,
reports, technical issues and logging errors
Qualifications / Skills / Experience:
Experience with incident/support ticketing systems and process workflow
3-5 years experience in data-intensive analysis within a metric-driven
Proven mastery in business intelligence and analytics software, including
MS Excel
Proven excellence in computational skills and mathematics
Highly organized and successful in managing multiple projects, setting
aggressive deadline commitments and meeting them
Must have experience in the development of reporting, metrics, and
dashboards, including excellent Excel charting and reporting skills
Experience with SharePoint and Confluence is desired
Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
CS, BS or equivalent degree preferred

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