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Job Title : DWH / ETL
Primary Skill : Hive
Role : Developer
Country : USA
Job Location : Madison
Bidding Start : 2017-06-05 03:46:09.247
Bidding End : 2017-09-03 03:46:09.247

Note: Submit Only Visa Independent Profiles
Experience in Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Hive, Pig, R,
Must have solid sills in Java, C++, Python, Scala,
Unix script development, m
odeling NoSql data stores
and has a good understanding of working with Spark or Hadoop MapReduce type programming.
Experience in areas of optimizing management of and deriving insights from non-structured non-relational data,
and provide business value from content through improved information management is key.
Experience in analyzing text, streams, documents, social media, big data,
speech with emerging Hadoop-based big data, NoSQL, Natural Language Processing,
Search and Text analytics technologies and techniques. Apply big data technologies such as Hadoop,
Spark or Streams with NoSQL data management and related programming languages for analytics
and experimentation with large, multi-structured data sets.Appropriate skills
include:*Experience with Hadoop and Spark*Experience with Linux RedHat*Experience with higher
level programing languages like Java, Scala, and Python*Knowledge of BigInsights Administration*System