Job Description :
Note from Client:

1. Understanding (!) of C++
The candidate does not need specific experience with C++14, 17 or 2x but candidate must demonstrate the ability to quickly (below 3 minutes) answer a basic 1992 C++ questions for virtualization, encapsulation, and so on.

2. Shell OR Python scripting (ideally both)
The candidate will need to answer a basic Python coding exercise in first Hangout - questions may get harder further into the interview process

3. System Analysis Experience
Candidate must demonstrate the ability to find information about system health/status, where are logs located (/var/log/syslog or logcat), understand how to read logs, understand the difference between /sys and /proc, some knowledge about /proc like where to read system memory information or understand where interrupts happened or find basic process information by name (most often, used entries from https://www. kernel. org/doc/Documentation/filesystems/proc. txt )

Software Triage Engineer (C++/LINUX/PYTHON/KERN

LOCATION: Plantation, FL

Duration: Long Term

Responsible for triage and fast analysis of problems, find ad-hoc solutions. Must be able to demonstrate technical skill of understanding complex software systems, analyze and design systems taking into account resources leaks, deadlocks, bad patterns, miss-use of APIs etc. Seeking strong communication skills and the ability to work in an environment with interdisciplinary teams.
Good coding level for C++ and C
Good coding level using shell or/and Python
Experience with power issues localization and analysis, in kernel and userspace (for active and idling scenarios)
Experience of generic problems analysis on Linux/Android
logs analysis, manual and with tools for logs analysis
ad-hoc test scripting to localize an issue
knowledge of crash patterns analysis for Linux or Android
Understanding procfs, sysfs and difference
Excellent communication, training and documentation skills
Ability to work in an environment with interdisciplinary teams.

Experience in below areas are a plus:
Open Source commits
Experience in development native software for Linux or Android
Extensive experience with system analysis for embedded systems
CPU profiling and analysis using Linux perf, SysTrace, VTune, oprofile, valgrind, Streamline etc.
ELF format organization and understanding how dynamic linker works
Communication(IPC) & Multi-threading programming
Excellent communication, training and documentation skills
Experience working on performance for computer vision, graphics, multimedia, gaming on Linux or Android
Bachelor Degree

Looking forward for your response.