Job Description :
Position : DB2 DBA
Location: Birmingham, AL
Duration : 12 – 18 month contract

DB2 DBA on zOS (Mainframe) as a requirement and experience with the IDR and CDC toolset. Any experience installing, configuring or being a solution owner for a critical software package on zOS would be appreciated.

The general expected competencies of the DBA position are:

-Understanding of relationship between availability requirements for critical applications and the database objects they require.
-Ability to provide expert review of database and SQL related application changes in order to minimize impact to the availability of production database systems.
-Ability to perform database changes with minimal impact to the availability of production database systems.
-Strict adherence to data access policies and procedures.
-Ability to effectively utilize existing database performance and monitoring tools used by BCBSAL.
-Ability to accurately interpret technical manuals and references that outline the proper application of database administration tools and advanced techniques.
-Ability to communicate accurately and effectively with peers, Systems Programming, Systems Development, technical management, customer areas, and solution vendors.
-Ability to instruct non-SR database administrator associates on advanced techniques of database administration.
-Ability to provide customers with expert direction on the most efficient methods of data access and manipulation.
-History of taking ownership of problems and providing expert resolution.
-Ability to independently handle complex database administration tasks and problems.
-Ability to research and resolve database issues through the use of available tools and resources (as an individual and as part of a group effort
-Continuing education through technical training.
-Excellent customer service.
-Ability to identify, and act on, opportunities to "add value" to database administration.
-Ability to provide appropriate status reporting on projects and tasks.
-Ability to quickly and accurately identify/correct problems with database systems.