Job Description :
TITLE: Customer Engineer Representative II
LOCATION: Kailua Kona, HI


Exceptional at communicating with customers (by maintaining strong relationships, handling problems before they start, and making sure customers have what they need when they need it In fact, that''s your specialty. Oh, and you have some great formal training (or considerable experience) in tech systems and know the ins and outs of products like large servers, mainframe computers, and imaging software.

Sounds familiar (and exciting! You''d be an excellent fit as our newest Customer Engineer Representative II (CE II In this role, you''ll work on a wide range of high-level procedures and activities, applying attention to detail and keen accuracy while resolving various uncommon problems, knowing when and who to turn to for support. And when things must get done, you''ll always lend your manual skills to resolve technical problems.

What makes this more exciting? Knowing that it''s all to help make life easier for people all over the world, through more than 550 million transactions every day. Our clients are restaurants, shops, banks, and airports. They come to us for software, hardware, and services. Your skills make sure we can assist them in the ways they need it the most.


Service electromechanical equipment like ATMs and self-checkout systems within an assigned territory—with the goal of keeping our customers completely assured and satisfied.

Oversee hardware maintenance, installation, network management, multi-vendor maintenance, and software support.

Unleash your manual skills on products like peripherals, large system printers, plotters, enterprise level servers, communications equipment, networks, and item processing sorters. We''re talking Ethernet, Token-Ring, StarLAN, NetBIOS, X.25—the whole gamut.

Build great working relationships among colleagues and customers based on our customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs When issues come up, your job is to respond them by either handling them, or by pulling in the proper associate, team member, or territory manager who can.

Perform maintenance repair and system overhauls as a matter of routine (like modular swaps and unit replacements You''ll surely always be on the lookout for preventative measures you can take to correct any and all technical problems before they happen.

Capture customer information so that we can complete any invoicing, as well as stay in contact to ensure we''re providing the best possible service.


A fantastic communicator who does everything in your power to meet customers'' needs—someone who follows up to make sure you did the work right.
A stickler for record-keeping. Which comes in handy when you''re asked to log all customer calls and activity, plus track all expenses incurred in the delivery of services (like phone calls or driving)
Someone looking to tackle an intense but rewarding role. You like responsibility and are outstanding at managing everything from network faults and traffic, to configuration, security, and remote system access.


High School diploma or equivalent (though an Associate''s Degree is preferred
Up to three years of related experience (but more than that is always a plus
A+ Certification, PC skills, basic electronic skills, and some specific hardware and operating system familiarity.
Knowledge of systems architecture, database management systems, and network and systems management systems.
Amazing flexibility and a positive attitude. No. Matter. What. (We''re talking some nights, weekends, overtime, flex shifts, and being on call to keep our customers happy
A strong back. This position may require prolonged travel, rotating shifts, carrying and lifting tools and parts weighting up to 50 lbs., and bending, squatting, walking, standing and/or sitting for prolonged periods of time.