Job Description :
C# .Net W/ PL/SQL UI Crystal Reports Developer 05323)
Albany, NY
24 Months

Job Description:

CONCERTs tracks the licensure and demographics of OMH affiliated providers.
ALFS is used to develop a budget, allocate funds, disburse payments and ensure that funds are expended in compliance with existing laws, regulations and guidelines.
CFRS allows OMH, OPWDD, SED and OASAS providers to prepare an accounting-like financial report showing how funds are used.
CFRMS is used by Finance Bureau to track and analyze CFR submissions.
OCRA tracks OMH costs and expenditures.

Daily Tasks include but not limited to the following:

1. Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to develop/maintain application code using CNet, Java, AJAX, and HTML.
2. Ensure that coding for CONCERTs and ALFS is done in a way that allows the application to run on multiple types of devices with different browsers.
3. Use Team Foundation Server as a repository for the source code, for checking code in and out and for tracking project work items.
4. Use Crystal Reports/Enterprise/.Net to create new and enhance existing reports.
5. Use agile development practices- attend scrum meetings, sprint planning, and review meetings, and code the desired functionality based on “user stories:, into the application.
6. Create Oracle stored procedures and packages.
7. Perform unit testing on all code changes.
8. Troubleshoot errors in applications and provide estimates for work to be completed.


1. 84 Months Demonstrated experience programming web based applications in C# .Net in a Multi-Tier environment. #OF MONTHS
2. 84 Months Demonstrated experience using PL/SQL coding stored procedures, packages, indexes, etc. #OF MONTHS
3. 84 Months Demonstrated experience designing and invoking Crystal Reports from web based applications. #OF MONTHS
4. 84 Months Demonstrated experience with Ajax, Java Script, Cascading Style Sheets, and HTML. #OF MONTHS
5. 48 Months Demonstrated experience using Bootstrap and JQuery for designing and developing UI. #OF MONTHS
6. 24 Months Demonstrated experience developing applications that track demographics, site visits and licensing / certification of Health Care providers, including experience developing various mail merged form letters. #OF MONTHS
7. 60 Months Demonstrated experience using a Data Manipulation Tool for Oracle such as Toad. #OF MONTHS
8. 48 Months Demonstrated experience with Team Foundation Server using source code management. #OF MONTHS
9. 36 Months Demonstrated experience working in an Agile development environment. #OF MONTHS