Job Description :
The Consultant shall perform all of the following duties:
Gather and document report requirements from business users.
Design, develop, implement, document and maintain a report based on the report requirements.
Modify existing reports based on business requirements.
Work with staff to ensure that the new and modified reports meet minimum performance specifications.
Provide recommendations for report format and performance optimization while maintaining data accuracy and integrity.
Write functions, stored procedures, and queries in Transact-SQL.
Provide guidance to staff for Crystal Report solutions.

The Consultant must meet all of the following minimum qualifications:
1. Four (4) years of experience within the last five (5) years analyzing, designing, developing and implementing Crystal Reports.
2. Four (4) years of experience within the last five (5) years programming and developing reports using all of the following:
a. T-SQL queries, stored procedures, functions, and triggers.
b. Crystal reports.
c. SQL Server databases.
d. Relational databases.
e. Microsoft Operating system.