Job Description :
Seeking candidates with extensive experience in embedded software on Linux or Android. Engineer that will lead performance and be responsible for analysis, design and software development to reach required Performance targets. Candidate must be able demonstrate extraordinary skills in attention to system Performance development: understanding complex software systems, design maintainable and scalable software, performance features, lead of investigation and fixing bottlenecks. Seeking strong communication skills and the ability to work in an environment with interdisciplinary teams.

Experience in the domains below are a must:
? Experience in establishing performance processes: from product KPIs to design, coding, testing, validation
? Experience in hardware analysis and its impact to KPIs
? Experience in performance oriented system architecture design
? Experience in practical performance:
o performance test setup according to KPIs
o data statistical evaluation and testing stabilization
o problems diagnosing, bottleneck localization and analysis
o producing patches which solves findings
? Extensive experience with system analysis for embedded systems for latency, system interconnect, throughput and bandwidth problems
? CPU/GPU profiling and analysis.
? Extensive software development experience with C/C++, Linux software development environment; experience in Linux Inter-process Communication(IPC) & Multi-threading programming
? Excellent communication, training and documentation skills

Experience in below areas are a plus:
? Development experience for Linux kernel, and device drivers
? Memory profiling and analysis using valgrind, smem; of memory layout (heap, stack, bss/data, text) and in general how VMM works in Linux
? Resources and power management for embedded system
? ELF format organization, ARM EABI, stack organization and how use it in practice will be great plus
? Performance tools development