Job Description :
Exellent knowledge of Ubuntu as a host development OS (terminal knowledge
Strong C++ skills.
Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
Good communication skills both verbally and written.
High focus on quality (documentation, reviews
Able to handle context switching easily.
There are a lot of small projects handled within our team, it should be little to no problem to work on different things from Sprint to Sprint (sometimes even from day to day
Independent. They have to work in a different timezone (6 hour difference) / continent. Isolated from other engineers that can directly help them.
Pro-active attitude. If you see a problem fix it, don’t wait for somebody else to do it.
Embedded software, cross-compiling experience.
Motivated / involved to do a good job.
Our team is at the front of winning new projects by making demo''s and providing support to customers.
(Preferably) Experience with cmake.
(Preferably) Experience with Qt framework.
(Optional) Android development skills.
(Optional) Experience with Perforce.
(Optional) Experience with Git.