Job Description :
Job Title: C++ Developer
Location: San Jose, CA
Duration: Long term Contract

Job Description:

Must have strong proficiency in C++ with Image processing / GUI development
Must have rich experience in developing GUI application
Experience in Image processing i.e. rendering, magnifying, cropping, zoom in/out, scrolling
Exposure to GDI/GDI+ programming
Exposure to MDI programming
Must have experience working on windows/macos/ios
Thorough knowledge of the standard library, STL containers, and algorithms
Good understanding of memory management in non-garbage collected environments
Understanding of dynamic polymorphism and C++ specific notions, such as friend classes
Familiarity with templating in C++
Knowledge of the latest C++11 standard is appreciated
Familiarity with system call wrapper library functions
Knowledge of writing native modules for high-level languages such as Node.js, Python, Go, etc.
Familiarity with language tools, such as Valgrind
Knowledge of component data sheets and specifications
Implementation of automated testing platforms and unit tests
Proficient understanding of code versioning tools {{such as Git, SVN, and Mercurial}}
Familiarity with continuous integration

Client : HCL America