Job Description :
Position: C++ Developer
Location: Omaha, NE
Duration: FULL-TIME

The candidate will be responsible for:- Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) system maintenance, enhancement and new features development. Working collaboratively with a cross functional team for the release of these features.

Ideal Candidates -
Ideal candidates would be top-skilled C++ developers who have developed or maintained distributed applications & worked on large C++ code bases. (>1M lines of code)
(By large distributed applications, what is meant are applications having several large subsystems interacting with each other over a messaging bus, hundreds of times or more in a day, so there will be algorithms to resolve deadlocks, achieve concurrency, call prioritization etc)
Ideal candidates would have worked on above applications in companies involved with developing gaming systems, defense systems, and transportation dispatch systems, airline reservations. etc.

Required Skills:-
6-10 years of IT experience
Must Have Socket Programming Ecperience.
4+ years of working on development/support of applications in C++ on Unix/Linux Platform (No Windows platform)
2+ years of experience working in SQL
6+ years of experience in development & support projects.
2 years of experience on messaging between tasks in heterogeneous & homogeneous distributed environments. (Different programs but same platform / programming language communicating over a messaging bus / pipes; Multiple platforms / programs written in different languages communicating over a service oriented architecture)
4+ years of experience designing (algorithms etc for these projects.
1 year or more experience in Requirement Analysis.
2+ years of experience in Object Oriented development
4+ years of experience in developing distributed applications having large codebase worked upon by big teams (1 million+ lines of code, team size >10 people)
2+ years of Advanced Analytical & Problem Solving Skills

Nice-To-Have Skills:-
1. Understanding of TCP/IP and Multi-Threading programming.
2. Understanding of requirement analysis & unit testing framework
3. Knowledge of QT is desirable.