Job Description :
5+ years of experience in Administrating Enterprise Job Scheduling tools Control-M and UC4.

· Scheduling, Administration and Troubleshooting experience on Control-M and UC4 over distributed systems.

· Should have expertise in solving daily issues and improving processes using Tools utilities and using UNIX, SQL/PLSQL utilities.

· Developing & testing UNIX scripts with jobs setup in testing environments and then to deploy them into production.

· Expertise in managing a robust environment across Windows and UNIX production/Validation/Integration/Pre-production /Testing infra.

· Extensive experience in Installation of Control-M Agents/Server/EM and DATABASE and Modules on Windows/UNIX Boxes/Clusters/DMZ/LAN and special Zones and application packages.

· Expertise in utilizing all Control-M Components: GUI, GCS, CCM, CMS, GSR, Administrative utility, Forecast, Reporting Facility, CORBA NAMING SERVICES.

· should have administrative experience in Windows and UNIX servers.

· Managing Backups.

· Develop Real-time and Near-Real-Time local and remote replication solutions to support Disaster Recovery initiatives

· Excellent written and oral communication skills are required