Job Description :
Please Note:
1. In-person interview is a must after phone / skype interview

5+ years overall program experience with C# or C++ at least 2+ with C#
Have worked with ASP.NET, MVC
Web Service creation using .Net
C#/C++ debug skills
Experience using MS SQL
Must understand object oriented programming, inheritance, polymorphism
Must understand service orient architecture/programming
Can create and alter SQL tables, functions, and procedures
SQL debug skills
Understand cursors, table variables, output parameters, identity columns, temporary tables their scope
Understand database normalization
Understand Inner and Outer joins to tables
Strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to clearly articulate opinions and ideas
Excellent analytical, reasoning and problem-solving abilities
Autonomy to work effectively with minimal supervision
Ability to meet deadlines and to work under pressure in a team environment
Must be organized and self-starting
Ability to adapt to rapidly changing priorities
Ability to work independently or as part of a team
Strong understanding of computing environments (client-server applications, web applications, networks, databases)
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills