Job Description :
TITLE: Configuration Developer
LOCATION: Amelia, OH, United States

Requisition Details:
Configuration developers are primarily responsible for modifying the Guidewire
application itself to conform to customer-specific requirements. Guidewire applications
provide multiple configuration mechanisms that configuration developers make use of.
Key responsibilities include:
responsible for configuring screen layouts, including creation of new screens, in XML files
Should be able to write business rules and other business logic in GScript (Guidewire-specific
scripting language)
Should be able to create form and letter templates and their supporting XML descriptor files
Should be able to configure operational parameters such as roles and permissions, user attributes,
regions, etc.
Managing the overall application configuration and merging it with new releases
of the Guidewire application
Creating and modifying reports as per requirements
Resolving issues identified in testing
Should have good customer facing skills