Job Description :
Must be able to design and build a Cognos Framework model with a scalable Physical, Logical and Presentation layers.
Accurate Relationship mappings, prevention of unions, stitches, unions, nested datasets, et al
Must understand basic governor settings, server versus database side processing; DMR versus relational, pitfalls of DQM; Use of a DQ Analyzer to isolate issues
Must be able to quickly ”visualize” the SQL getting passed to the database, understanding the WHERE, SELECT, GROUP BY, RANK/ORDER and aggregation functions and on what tables – based solely on the input prompts and the output layout
Must be able to use APIs programmatically to interact with Cognos (See Section on Integration)
Must be able to talk to Report Authors in their own lingo
Must be able write complex, extensible and reusable batch scripts (in MS DOS, WScript) for domain monitoring, domain recycling and operational scripts to build cubes, run and burst reports and sequence them correctly in the scheduling software

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