Job Description :
Designs, integrates, and tests a suite of tools for security management
of multi-tenant public cloud application services.
Automates proactive cloud security measures over a large scale multi
cloud environments.
Identifies new cloud security technologies and solutions; oversees the
design, deployment, and review of new security capabilities
Ensures that security configurations of key systems are properly
implemented, audited, monitored, and reported
Assists with product studies, performs requirements analysis, and
develops software architectures to meet requirements
Measure compliance against standards
Qualifications: Experience in the following areas is required:
* 3-5 years experience (preferred) with security management of cloud based
services (IaaS, SaaS *
* Strong knowledge of cryptography, web services, SSO strategies *
* Experience architecting, deploying and managing a suite of security
management tools, including tools for: WAF, SIEM, log management, DDOS
protection, Pen-testing, vulnerability management, automated code
analysis, and anti-malware. *
Experience with security management of virtual machines, containers, and
Experience with Git source code control
Excellent oral and written communication skills Experience in the
following area is desired:
Experience with Agile development and participating in CI/CD pipelines
Experience with automated dev-ops technologies

The Cloud Security role, candidates would have 3-4 years experience with
AWS or similar cloud based server platform. This is more focused on the
cloud security for the product teams (ie. Mortgages etc AWS Certified
Solutions Architect Professional would be good GIAC cert would be great
CSSP also good