Job Description :

ThirdEye's direct client, a large enterprise customer located in central Illinois, is looking for an experienced Informational Security Engineers providing Symantec Data Line Protection (DLP) and Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) services.

ThirdEye's direct client is looking for one expert (the “Resident”) for 12 months to assist in the daily operation of their DLP and CASB solutions (the “Solutions” The Resident will assume a key role in providing ongoing expertise for their tactical and strategic initiatives following the completion of the T&M implementation services.


Optimize IT Operations

# Advise and contribute to technical projects
# Participate in the planning and execution of any upgrades, deployments, patches or
disaster recovery testing of their Solutions
# Perform configuration and environment reviews
# Assist with production planning to minimize risk to the operating environment and
Symantec Solutions
# Assist with planning, support and evaluations for new features and functionalities within
the Symantec Solutions
# Provide technical detail and actively participate in the account-planning process and in
quarterly business reviews to assess program's status and strategic direction relative to
the Customer's business objectives

Stabilize IT Infrastructure

# Diagnose technical issues encountered with the Symantec Solutions
# Monitor and manage escalated Technical Support issues and serve as the single technical
point of contact for such escalations
# Assist in monitoring and responding to non-routine activities including, but not limited
to, security breaches and attacks.
# Assist in the identification and implementation of best practice processes and procedures
for installation, configuration and utilization of the Symantec Solutions in a supported
# Provide informal knowledge transfer to Customer staff members who cover the
management and maintenance of the Symantec Solutions

Expedited Response

# Provide proactive and reactive advice on issues regarding upgrades, patches and updates
of the Symantec Solutions
# Provide response or clarification for any relevant Symantec Solution-related questions in
the course of daily operations
# Coordinate with Symantec technical support to resolve product issue escalations to assist
in faster resolution and reduce unplanned downtime
# Assist in troubleshooting and providing technical details for probable cause analysis of
break/fix issues encountered by the Symantec Solutions



# DLP expertise is required
# CASB expertise is preferred but can be learned on the job.
# MUST be a United States Citizen