Job Description :
Job Title : - Camera ISP design engineer

Job Overview :- We are seeking a talented camera design and test engineer to join our Camera Systems team in San Diego, CA. The Camera Systems team creates embedded imaging solutions for our chipsets that power advanced mobile devices. Our solutions leverage dedicated hardware, multi-core processors, DSP, and GPU cores to provide state-of-the-art photographs, video recordings, as well as scene data for image understanding and object detection. Responsibilities: 1. Fixed-point C model design and test of camera ISP IQ modules. 2. Design camera pipeline test cases. 3. Design and support test automation flows. 4. Support hardware design and verification. 5. Support Jenkins test automation platform and Python scripts.

Minimum Qualification :- 1. Strong C++ and Python programming skills. 2. Experience in OpenMP programming. 3. Experience in Jenkins test automation. 4. Experience in HW design verification. 5. Knowledgeable in image and video processing.

Preferred Qualification :- Self-motivated, teamwork.

Education :- Required: Bachelor's, Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science and/or Electrical Engineering Preferred: Master's