Job Description :
? Responsibilities
¦ Starting from scratch, can create well-structured solutions/frameworks to solve business problems
¦ Understands, and pushes others to use/develop Clean Coding standards.
¦ Able to think holistically about project goals to design a working Dynamics 365 custom coded solutions
¦ Proficient understanding of the Dynamics 365 platform and all that it offers
¦ Able to configure complex coded solutions within Dynamics 365
? Expectations
¦ Can setup automated testing and CI
¦ Experience with multiple Client/Server frameworks
¦ Understands and can use multiple design patterns.
¦ Fully grasps callbacks, promises, and Async.
¦ Can setup CRM VisualS Solution from scratch.
¦ Can setup Custom Web Resources to interact with the form and load custom JS libraries.
¦ Has a firm belief in either early bound or late bound C# development, and can argue as to why.
¦ Can describe the CRM Plugin Pipeline, the Prevalidation/PreOperation/PostOperation stages what a Target will have in each stage, and what happens post stage if you update the target.
¦ How to use Plugin Filters and images
¦ Can manage and maintain the entire CRM ALM, correctly using a Dev, Qa, Stage, and Prod environment.