Job Description :
Seeks to engage a Security Engineer to assist the Director of ITSM and the engineering staff in a comprehensive network infrastructure assessment for network discovery, documentation including topology diagrams, Data Center Inventory Management (DCIM), network security analysis and Disaster Recovery (DR) planning. This position will focus on penetration testing, protocol capture and decode analysis, deep packet inspection, vulnerability analysis, and report generation.

The following is a list of benefits to resulting from the network assessment:
A comprehensive understanding of how their existing network infrastructure can be used and scaled for new project initiatives.
A documented network environment including topology diagrams and a detailed network inventory as part of DCIM.
A review of existing network devices and their respective capabilities.
A review of best practices and the security posture for the current network design.
A plan for budgeting that includes for upgrades, refresh, and maintenance renewals.
Review IT staffing skill levels for adequate support of network infrastructure.


Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification
10 Years of Experience,