Job Description :
Takes responsibility for investigative work to determine requirements, and specify effective business processes. Organizes their implementation through improvements in information systems, data management, practices, organization and equipment. Applies and monitors the use of required modeling and analysis tools, methods and standards in an intelligent and effective way.

· Co-operates with senior client and IS staff as required, conducting investigations at a high level for strategy studies, requirements specifications and feasibility studies. Maintains technical awareness at a level where alternatives can be analyzed, modeled and classified according to technical feasibility and performance.

· Utilizes business experience and skills to assess and advise on the practicability of alternatives, marrying up technical limitations with operational realities.

· Takes responsibility as needed for the detailed specification and modeling of recommended solutions using resources, standards, methods and tools as required. Maintains links with appropriate counterparts within both software engineering and service delivery functions and plays a full part in bringing systems to implementation as detailed by organization policies and methods.

· Applies available standards, methods and tools in an intelligent and effective way, and produces a consistently high standard of documentation of both a technical and a descriptive nature.

· Plans, arranges and controls meetings, workshops and relations with client/user staff during system investigations and throughout subsequent development work. Takes responsibility at a high level for the proper conduct of such relations.

· Defines, plans and justifies (in business terms) projects to develop/implement automated and non-automated components of new or changed processes.

· Assists clients/users in defining acceptance tests for automated systems, and takes responsibility for their proper execution

PSA Automation\Solution Monitoring

Automated Supplies Replanishment , Service Call Status MPS Deliverables, CMPS Operational Excellence

Ops-Global CX Incident Management

MPS Tools Integration\Ops-MDS GSD Global Remote Change Management Tool

SPE/SPD Asset Db Integrity/Customer Cost Data Visibility

MPS Enhancements

Work closely with Offshore/ Onsite Business Team